June 2nd, 2004

Rose, BADWOLF, Doctor Who

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*o* dude!

XD i have been putting off writting here for a few days cause, well cause i am a bastard i suppose, but i had all these neat-o nifty things i wanted to write about and now that i have semi open i have forgotten everything. ;u; woe is me.

:'d fyi (for anyone that cares) i'm moving off iro and back to a private server. i know i suck.

XDDDDD the other night simon called me to tell me that he had been bitten by a snake.

;u;! then he told me the fabulous tale of how he had to choose between his water bill and the new lord of the rings: return of the king dvd.

XD so i told him that the reason he got bitten by the snake is because snakes are not a secondary form of soap for times when your water is turned off.

:'D then i told him to stop hosing himself off in front of gas stations cause it was going to scare away all the sad people that accidently wander into new mexico (never to be seen again ..)


yes, so we went to go see the day after tomorrow. i really liked it even though there wasn't really a story or plot :') i kept hearing people talking about either what a good movie it was or what a bad movie it was. i think if you like special effects and you like jake gyllenhaal, then you will like this movie. i like both, so ++ for me.

anyway, jake gyllenhaal = cute (or as my neice told me "have you seen him when he's all wet? he's sexy")

:d he is sexy when he's wet ..

we also saw raising hellen, it wasn't as good. it was a good movie. but it wasn't really like .. funny? or i dunno, it's not really what you expect from the crazy "look it's goldie hawn's daughter, this movie is a fucking fabulous comedy" type of advertising that they're doing for it. :'D it was funnier then la divorce though (XD why is she doing crazy movies like this now? maybe she's really really trying to not get type caste as her mom's replacement and just making semi-bad decisions? :'d)
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Rose, BADWOLF, Doctor Who

my hands are covered in ink (the ink of the undead)

i didn't bring my tablet to work today cause i had thought that i would be playing ro all day, but i've been fucking patching the game for about six and a half hours XD

;u; so i drew this on a peice of mini legal pad paper with a bic pen, then spruced it up in photoshop.

i had originally messed with all the levels to take out all the fluff and scratchy lines, but i liked how it looked with them back in, so i redid it and colorized it to give it an "oh look at how artistic" feel XD
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