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28 May 2004 @ 05:49 am
XD 3 hours till shrek 2 is done and 30 minutes till live action sailor moon 1 ;u;!

XD i recently bought the first 4 seasons of red dwarf and ..

u i have fallen in love all over again

:'d when i got off work i felt like a simon (or something equally as bad) but i spent the last 5 or so hours finishing the long dark tea-time of the soul (even though it was only the last 50 pages or so XD) and now i don't feel as mexican.

i haven't really drawn anything in about a week and i think that may be a part of why i've been feeling like a jerk XD i wonder if maybe it's kind of because of ragnarok also. cause i was really hating my job for awhile, then i got really into trying to figure out painter (that bitch) and things didn't really bother me, but i've taken a break from painter/drawing and gone back to playing ro all day and now i'm all angry and crap again :'d

XD i don't really understand how that works (though i think it's true) cause playing ragnarok actually really relaxes me.
Current Mood: not-like-a-simon
Current Music: red dwarf - marooned (on teh tv)
28 May 2004 @ 07:11 pm
ugh, i wrote up another really long work rant, but i deleted it. i think you all know what fuckheads i work with.

also, i can summerizes as so:
i've been here 6 fucking years, and misread one line that forced you to drive 2 more miles.

you've been here for less then a year and you're on probabtion and have just gotten off suspension.

obviously one of us does this job better then the other.
XD i found a picture from a buffy daily that shows spike's butt.