May 5th, 2004

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i was bombarded with money this week.

then when i was at the bank (squirrling away said money) the teller shorted me 100$ XD and i had to wait around forever while they counted out her drawer (it turned out she was over by around 200$+ so i didn't feel so bad for her after that.)

bought the futurama dvd sets 2 & 3 :DDDDD XD we couldn't find 1, but i've seen all the early episodes about 20 times each.

bought this game called siren, it's kinda cool, but i've only played for about 15 minutes.
you get to play around 10 different characters or something, and you have to work your way through this haunted town and um, not get killed XD it's kinda like silent hill/fatal frame thing. there's a feature called sightjacking thats pretty nifty, it allows you to 'tune' into the sight of people around you, both good and bad. so you can see if someghost guy is watching/stalking you and kinda tell how far away he is. the way the game unfolds is kinda neat too, in that you don't start at the beginning of the story, but like about 1/4 of the way through and the actions/choices you make determine what part of the story you unlock and play next.

XD oh yea, the graphics for the faces are neat, very realistic and all the characters are asian, but all the voice actors are british. it's funny when there's dialouge.

took the cat the to vet (finally). fucking had to go through an ordeal to do it though.

:'D see we have two cars. actually a car and a truck. we have two cars so that if i wanna go out, or my mom wants to go out, there's always a car at home. but lately my mom's been letting my cousins boyfriend use the truck cause he goes to the same school as sammy, and him and sammy are buds and he takes sammy to school or where ever when me and my mom can't. XD so he's got pneumonia or something and the truck is at his house, but we asked him to bring it down the other day cause we needed to take the cat to the vet and my mom was going to be at work (this is part of the reason i got really pissed off too, as you'll find out) so he says ok.

XD so he comes down the day before with the truck (his car is parked at our house) but he doesn't leave the truck. instead my cousin drops off her van and says we can use it to take the cat (our appt was at 3) so at that point i don't care. so we miss our appt and have to reschedule for a 415-430 one and my cousin is all like well i have to be at such and such place at exactly 500 XD this is when i started to get a little angry. so i'm like fine whatever, we'll take kevin's car, only we can't cause he didn't leave the ignition key, only the key for the door. (slightly more anger)

so i say fine, i'll go drop sammy off with the cat then come home (before 5) and wait for my mom. so on the way out my mom passes us, so we turn around to meet up with her. all of a sudden she fucking has to take the kids to go get snacks and she's yelling at me cause i'm making everyone late (when in fact it was sammys fault we missed the appt in the first place) :'D so three times as much anger now.

so we get to the vet and get the cat all checked out, she need surgery cause the vet tells us that the procedure is they drain the ear, and set it, bandage it whatever and alls done, but they can't do that cause after the ears been drained twice the fluid inside becomes thicker and it's so thick now that they can't drain it.

so yay surgery for my cat cause my mom wouldn't fucking listen when i told her to stop fucking messing with its ear. XD

so we get home and me moms all like let's go get something to eat, but we have to wait around forever cause sammy has to get his crap for school ready.

:'D by then i'm not really angry anymore, but i'm in a bad mood. so we're out on the road and my mom starts with this "i don't know where i want to eat" crap that she's been doing a lot lately and which really pisses me off, cause i don't like to drive without knowing where i'm going and it fucking goes on forever XD

so i told her i wasn't that hungry, and she goes whats wrong and i told her i wasn't in a good mood. so then she has to be in a bad mood to and she wont talk to anyone.

so i ended up driving up fucking washington to about michael way or whatever that street before jones is before she goes i just want to go home XD but we cant go fucking home cause we have to drop sammy off and instead of telling anyone that he has class at western not west charelston we have to flip a u turn and back track to western.

XD then on the way home there were like all these fucking detours and my mom is all like i don't know why you have to get mad at morgain (the cat) and i'm like XD wtf?! and told her i wasn't mad at the cat i was upset about the whole car fiasco and how she got pissed off at me cause i wasn't in a good mood. and i told her i was allowed to have bad days if i wanted. so she didn't say anything after that :'D

also i started this book about ghosts from that princess diaries lady, only it's part of a series (like the stupid 5th part or somehting) but it's not labelled as part of a series. infact you have to read about half the book then check the back and crap to find this out cause after a while there are so many refferances to things that happened in other books that you're like, huh? oh and to make it even harder to recognize this book as part of a series the first books were written under a pen name ..

XD if a book is part of a series it should be labeled so.

i also started reading the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy it's going really slow though cause i've just read the comic, and watched the bbc series, and aside from slutty blonde trillian there's no real differance between the comic and the series. and i wanted to watch the series or read the book too see if there was any differance from the comic, since it was a comic. XD and the book does have some extra stuff thats cool and all, but it's like i've already read the book twice before. i may just skip th first 4 books and start reading mostly harmless since that wasn't in the comic and the series barely goes past the first book.
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