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07 April 2004 @ 12:39 am
:d ok, so my mom keeps asking me what i want for my birthday (4 more days bitches) and i've been telling her about 15 times a day since november that i want a kitten, but she keeps saying no.

uh, so what does she do?

she gets me two baby desert tortoises. so now, not only do i not have a kitten (like i have asked for about 200+ times) but i'll prolly be recieving a fine from the nevada wildlife association because these things are endangered and you need a special permit to keep them as pets, and (kinda) the only way you can get this permit is to travel back in time to november 1984.

also, i had to blow about 200$ on a tank and crap like food so that they wont .. die or whatever it is that these seemingly already dead things (seiously they don't do anything that resembles being alive) do when they stop doing .. whatever it is they are doing now .. XD

on the plus side their food smells delicious ;u; like fruit salad or some kind of strawberry treat. :'D i seriously expected it to smell like dead fish and sewage (like most of those pet foods in that isle smell).

eh, why does that noraku (moraku?) guy get to wear blue eyshadow?

i found this really delicious *faux* water drink, lemon flavored propel fitness water. but today it tastes really bad. i hope it's just me, and it returns to it's normally delicious nature ;u;

i think im gonna try to draw something at clarion's board.
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated