November 24th, 2003

Rose, BADWOLF, Doctor Who

i'm not so dumb

The closest Dalton ever gets to another guy’s babyspew is when they shoot over pictures of him in magazines. The whole thing smacks of "gay for pay" which I’m not a huge fan of, it’s so eighties. To quote my bitch half-sister Chi Chi, "they’re always either doing it to pay for a car or their girlfriend's abortion."

XD i love it!

;u; late to work again today, no surprise there. :o forgot to bring in the reciepts and whatnot for the trip. need to do that pronto.

*eh, starting again some hours later*

XD i forgot that i had been putting all the reciepts for the dumb trip in my backpack front pocket, so it turned out i did have them with me the whole time.
;u; those bastards owe me 400$

XD i drew something too.

:d i love solids more then water color now

i don't know why

ps - the quote up top was from some gay video website that reviewed porn XD i forget how i got to that page.
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Rose, BADWOLF, Doctor Who

everyone was really tense

XD i went back in my history and found the link to the gay video website.
The opening credits feature a sub-Pansy Division punky track and images of gobstoppers (or perhaps Chi Chi’s painkillers). You may tire quickly of the candy motifs – and I hope that’s sugar on that spoon and not crystal meth. On a side note, I hear chickens these days read XY and listen to Destiny’s Child. Not like in my day. I was sent down the coalmine at dawn and if I complained once I was bare-ass horsewhipped and sent straight to bed without any supper. Ahh…the halcyon days. You can never go back!

;u; reading these things is better then porn ..

here's the link if anyone wants it XD though i think this place only sells gay porn (i haven't really checked the whole site out.)
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