November 5th, 2003

Rose, BADWOLF, Doctor Who

ive heard it too many times to be noted; something that i'm supposed to be

i started a picture in the coloring book, but my comp got all assed up while i was doing the rough, so i had to stop and i meant to finish it up when i got into work today, but i'm tired and hungry and just don't feel like drawing. :d

i haven't really drawn anything in a while, i'm such a ho.

XD i had meant to write a work rant, but now i don't feel like it.
it's ok though, cause what i wanna rant about happened every single day, so when it happens today, i'll prolly write the rant :'D

ps - started clive barkers abarat (sp?) and finished ring.
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    Sarah McLachlan - The Rainbow Connection