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27 October 2003 @ 05:24 am
:d i meant to type up something insightful (about an hour ago) and spent all my time looking at junk on line, so yea. now i'm going to bed.

ps - started reading the princess diaryies. talk about being disney-ized, i'm really glad i picked up this series again.
XD orginally i had bought the first 3 books in georgia to read while i was in chicago, but i never did. then i lost those three books and bought them again in vegas to read while i was in california.
but mostly i've been reading them in vegas, when my smelly brother won't let me use the computer.

pps - note to self, mail out shufu's stuff tomorrow (or die trying)

p(?)pps - that whore simon never called me back and i finally fucking got him a job as a dispatcher (i think). another note to self, call simon and tell him what a fucking fucktard asshat he is.
i really hope who ever they get to replace clorrysa isn't stupid (unless its simon, who can't really help being stupid)

XD crap, i might as well write something, since now i don't feel like going to bed.

hm, so while in california david told me that clorrysa was leaving next month. XD she was always talking about leaving, but she never did, so i thought it was all just talk. so then david tells me that he is thinking about coming back to dispatch. he used to be the head dispatcher or whatever (i think he was a T.erminal A.gency C.ommander, but there might be a level higher then that) and he transfered within the company over to the administration department to become the human rescources assistant. i think he thought that it'd be less stressfull then the PD, but the new human rescourse lady is a lazy cow (really, it's true) and she makes him do all the work. and everyone loves david, so no one really cares, plus no one really wants to deal with the real HR lady cause, as i said, total cow.

XD has anyone seen that cartoon short saturday night live did, where they made smurfette into anna nicole, and did this whole The Smurfette Show? XD and she was like huge and high and said things like smurferbate? yes, so it was awesome. cause we used to watch the anna nicole show at work then talk about what a dumb slut she is. (we kind of do this now with that whole jessica simpson thing, but mostly it is just me saying tomyself that that is one dumb ho) XD so i had kind of forgotten all about the smurfett show, but david remembers everything, so he's describing Karla to us (the HR lady) and how all she does is sit at her desk all day and make him do 'runs' over to our convience store for chocolate donuts and talk about how she can't do anything cause her diabetes might act up. XD so he was like being karla and he goes. "everyone's blue and what's with all the fucking mushrooms? go get me some smurfing choclate donuts .. you're doing it mama"
XD i love that.

:o i really do.

christ so anyway, david also told me that he wants to come back to dispatch. :D yay. XD if he does that means i won't really have to become a TAC and i won't have to go to goddamn training in reno. :'D i hate fucking training. :o clorrysa was telling me about this girl that had to go live in oklahma (or somewhere) in a town 4 hours away from anything, for 3 months, while she did some training. :o i think i would just quite.

yes, so all the newbies at our PD go on these 'ride alongs' with the cops to see how things work from the cops PoV ect ect. i went on one, but i went with this cop who i had grown up with and she took me to get a fruit drink and yea .. so clorrysa finally got to go on a ride along the other day. i think she kept trying to arrange it so that she went only with the new officer hinton. (thi jerk hinton pisses me off a little, mostly cause i asked him to get me lunch 4 times and he agreed. then blew me off. XD now we don't get a lunch hour, and since we're understaffed we can't go out and grab something. so we rely on the officers to get us lunch when they have free time. so for him to be an ass and 'forget' 4 times. it pisses me off) i think clorrysa thinks that she and hinton will hook up. cause this one time he got really drunk and called her at work and told her she should come meet up with him after she got off. but here's the thing, cloryssa is a big girl, like 240+ lbs big, and hinton is an average sized guy and not exactly 'sensative' or 'understanding'. actually i don't know what word to use to not describe hinton. i can say that he is immature and egotistical. and i'm pretty sure he has no deep thoughts about woman other then where he can get away with sticking his dick. XD not that he's really a bad guy, i guess, the lunch thing aside, he's been nice to me, but you work with someone for a while and you kind of develop a sense of who they are, you know? :d yea, so i don't think there's gonna be anything really going on between hinton and clorrysa anytime soon.
so ..
to get back to the point they go on the ride along and she's trying to be cute (or whatever she calls it :'D) and she takes his police jacket and hat and has them on. they go out to snow mt, do some traffic stops, ect. then come back into town for lunch. one the way they notice some guy holding up traffic, so hinton (being a macho macho man) decides to get invloved even though he has no real jurisdiction outside of your property (not that i'm trying to say what happened next is his fault. just since i was on council and i work at the PD i kinda get irkked when our cops keep insisting on getting involved with things outside of our jurisdiction). so hinton flashes his lights and pulls up close to this guys car and this guy jumps out of his car and runs up to hintons window and pulls a gun out and tells hinton to give him his gun and get out of the car. so then the guy gets in to hintons car and sees clorrysa (wearing a jacket and hat that says POLICE) and puts the gun in her face and tells her to give him her gun too. (XD it's not really funny, but yea it really is.) so eventually clorysa and hinton convince this guy that she's not a cop and doesn't have a gun, so he lets her go and takes off in the car.


i am really glad this happened 2 hours after i got off work.

:d so, i guess the moral is, don't be a dick hole and get people lunch when they ask and you agree too? :'D

:( the crazy guy killed a dog. i don't like dogs, but it was still sad. he was a new K9 dog barely out of traingin, and he was muzzled and this guy shot him anyway. he wasn't our dog, we don't have any K9 units. the crazy guy wrecked our patrole car and somehow stole another police car from metro.

there was a reason i was telling this story, but i've forgotten now ..

hm, my mom is being all weird and moody cause she's helping my cousin/sister (that's not some redneck weird herditary thing, she's my neice, but XD indian way she's like my cousin or sister) mariah give up her crown, and tradtionally mariah has to do this give away, when she gives her crown away, wgere she gives all the people who supported her small gifts, my mom keeps agreeing to do more and more for the give away and then keeps getting mad when she has less and less time to do all the things she said she would. :o then she asks me to help her do some of the stuff, but i'd rather read or paint my nails then bead things or make dream catchers, or whatever she had wanted me to do.

XD a while back we were in walmart and i found this awesome blanket material with yellow ducks on a blue BG with like bubbles. so i asked my mom to make me a blanket out of it. only i wanted it to look nice with a trim of some kind, not just a surged edge. so i told my brother that i wanted a trim that looked like duckling down, so that my blanket looked like it was made from real baby ducks. XD then my brother looked at me weird and walked away. so me and my mom went to look at some of the trim-y crap, but the only one that looked nice with the blanket was half sold out. so i was going to settle for this one that matched, but looked .. comical. XD then! i saw the most awesome thing .. fringe trim that looked like actual duck down. ;u; and it matched the blanket!

:o the i told my brother that i needed to find little duckling feet so i could hang them on the corners of the blanket .. to get the true effect i wanted.

ps² - i got stuck in morroc today (no money for a warp, cause i spent it all on diamonds) so i went to go hunt porings and pickys so i could get some money to get backi to geffen and i decided to use up my tames (they never sell, and i fugred people would more likely buy an egg then a tame that might not catch anything, right?) XD so i lost 3 orange juices (i hit to hard to wound the drops suffiecently) and 2 worms, but i got a picky egg. then when i was back in geffen i had to go to prontera for glass beads, so on the way i was killing porings and decided to use up my unripe apples (i had 8) and i got 5 poring eggs. :d i opened one and walked around with a poring for a while.

i don't know why the pet merchents sell 'pet food' when you can't feed it to your pet :'d i bought 10 petfoods and when i tried to feed my poring it said i couldn't feed it cause i didn't have any apple juice. :d so i had to go to payon and get some apple juice (i have 900+ emtpy bottles. how insane is that? you don't even wanna know how many jellopys i have since i can't get into alverta). so this time, my poring stuck around with me cause i kept feding it when it was hungry and it did two tricks. one's an ugly face, the other is this kind of lunge/face thing. the second one is cute, but it only does it like once for every 5 times it makes a mean face. i still don't see the point of pets.
:'d then i had to put the damn thing back in its egg when i set up shop in geffen cause i figured if i left it out it would prolly get hungry, then die or run away .. and incubators are like 2000z XD i think i will only bring my poring out on holidays..
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27 October 2003 @ 06:47 pm
My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
yume goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as angel.
bizzaro_clarion tricks you! You get a used tissue.
k0dama tricks you! You get a pen cap.
kawa_kawa gives you 15 light orange lime-flavoured gummy fruits.
kawaiibunny gives you 7 red cherry-flavoured gummy bears.
kireeame gives you 12 light blue coconut-flavoured gummy worms.
mite gives you 17 purple vanilla-flavoured gummy fruits.
oolong gives you 13 red chocolate-flavoured gummy bears.
remybuu tricks you! You lose 40 pieces of candy!
shufu gives you 6 light orange root beer-flavoured gummy worms.
silvrain tricks you! You get a rock.
yume ends up with 30 pieces of candy, a used tissue, a pen cap, and a rock.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

XD i think my favorite is the pen cap ;u;
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