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:d i got six days off for my grandpa's funeral, had to come in today for ten hours, then i get another three days off.

:o maybe jesus doesn't want me to go to work?!

:d yes, so anyway. i finished coloring this finally

yume and shufu sitting in a tree k-i-s-s .. i-n-g

:o maybe i should be afraid to post pictures here now? eh?eh?

XD i seem to have pissed off a couple of people when i really didn't mean to.

<- is such a fucking bastard only jebus, buddha & shufu can love him (and sometimes i wonder about that jebus)

:d i was gonna write something else about all that, but i got distracted by work things.

:o the funeral was very long, and it was only like 2 days. i think geneals was twice that or longer in someway. we got volunteered to do (all) off the cooking, but i didn't really mind cause it gave me a reason never to leave the kitchen. X3 some of the family almost beat up jeanie, my grandfathers second (white trash) wife cause she kept taking money that was meant for the funeral and wouldn't give it back. XD! then (while all that was going on) some of jeanies cousins or something tried to like start a fist fight with one of my grandmothers. :'D she's like 70 or somehting and small-ish and soft spoken and these three big white guys where going to beat her up cause she asked jeanie to come pay the bird-singers, which is tradition.

:'d yes, so there were many wacky hijinks. it was a little weird though cause my grandpas body didn't even look like him. i didn't really talk to him, but we live like one house away from him, so i saw him all the time. :d there was almost more fighting cause jeanie wanted to dress him in some faux cowboy snap button shirt with tassles (or something equally as tacky) and he was mormon and there are mormon traditions about burial, and jeanie kept trying to ignore all that. :'d

i got to see a lot of family i don't get to see unless its like xmas or something, that was pretty awesome. XD everyone has grown up so much. i didn't recognize my own cousin (i have like 1000 cousins XD) and i like grew up with her.
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13 September 2003 @ 07:58 pm
:d since so many people unfriended me .. does that mean i am free to post some hard core porn up in this biznatch?
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