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take the "Which Funkified Anime Internet Emoticon Are You Quiz" @ undead Friday.

XD dude (i have said "dude" like 500 times today for some stupid reason), i totally made kawa believe some whack stuff about the new harry potter book today. :'D

HP spoiler crap maybe :'dCollapse )

then she left before i could tell her i was kidding :'D

yes, so last week, i had to work a crazy schedule cause shonda went to training. so i had Thursday & friday off, but i needed saturday and sunday off cause i was going to the christina (Xtina) aguilara / justin timberlake concert. so i asked romi if she would change days with me, expecting her to take my thursday & friday, but she wanted me to work for her on tuesday and wednesday the following week, so all of a sudden i had like 5 days off. :'D it was like a gift from god-jesus or some other deity.

so i told everyone at work that i had to go out of town on saturday and sunday, and my stupid brother kept like bringing me the phone whenever my work called, and i tried to throw it at him, but i almost ended up hitting mariah :')

XD so me and kathleen had to take mariah shopping for something to wear, cause her mom doesn't let her wear anything but oversized t-shirts and jeans really. so we spent forever at the mall, and i was just about to kill mariah with a hanger, when we found a cool shirt she liked, so then me and kathleen went and found some stuff to .. hm, it wasn't that interesting i guess, but i did come to realise that i don't really like the GAP anymore, everything is too bland or if they say try to make a shirt interesting they just throw together two colors that that really don't match or compliment each other and make the ugliest shirt they can :'D

so the concert was really good. i didn't realy expect it to be. i'm not really a fan of either christina (xtina) or justin's music, and only really know the songs that get played on the radio. but both of them put on a really good show, especialy justin who danced almost nonstop :'3 (he is a sexy bitch, damn him)

so after the concert we went to eat at deny's with two of kathleens friends who had gone to the concert with us, but sat in a different section. they were cool, i didn't know they were sisters at first, and they kept talking about like "rubbing each other" and stuff and making lesbian jokes, so they came across as two very cute lesbians XD but then i found out they were sisters and it all became clear :')

after that i got home and was getting ready for bed and found one of our odler cats in the cup cupboard and she looked weird, so i touched her and she was really sick. so i put her outside, cause it was obviously the last stages of lukemia death and i didn't want her to infect anyone else inside, plus i thought my mom and brother might want to see her if she lived long enough.
so when my mom got up i told her about cruise and she got all pissed and started saying crap about how she could enver be happy and i was ruining her life XD so i was just sitting there going "wtf?!" where did that even come from? so then she started saying stuff about how come i couldn't handle this without telling her.
:'D we've had this cat since she was born, she had originally belonged to my mom, i thought she might want to see her, and now i'm getting told i should have just 'taken care of it' without telling anyone ..

XD so then she says we should go take cruise for a ride. and i told her to get out of my room, i'd 'take care of it later' cause it was like 4am on a sunday. so then she got all pissed again and was saying shit about how she would take care of it ect ect.

sometimes i really want to kick her out :'D it's like i can never relax, or have a good time around her with out her trying to ruin it anymore. so i got up and told her to go get ready for work, that i'd go find her. but since it was fucking 4am on a sunday i didn't know what to do with her, cause the shelters are closed and the cops were at snow mt. so i called work (remember i am supposed to be out of town) and asked cloryssa to get on the phone with the cop on duty and see what he would do. so he didn't know what to do :'D damn him.

so cloryssa was going to make some calls to shelters and stuff, so i went and caught cruise and my mom showed up again, and was like "what are you doing" so i told her i was going to catch cruise and put her in a cage until someone could take her to the shelter to be put down. so then all of a sudden she's all concerned about cruise. going on about how i couldn't leave her in a cage for 4 hours (shelter opened at 7am).

XD so i just said whatever and got the cat and put her in a cage and left her outside. so by then my mom seemed to realise that i was upset with her, and she came around all like why are you mad so i told her i didn't realy feel like taking to her just then, since i seemed to do nothing but ruin her life, so she got pissed again, but then she like calmed down (insanity must be so awesome) and was all sorry, but i was still pissed, so i just said whatever. i would have went back to bed then, but then cloryssa caled and said there was a place that would come get cruise as long as we didn't tell them she belonged to us XD so i said fine, lets call them, but then my mom started in about how if someone came out they might take our other cats..


so then i said we should just bring the other cats in and put them in a room till the shelter people left, but that would have been way too simple. i forget what happened after that, cause by then my brother was up and i was letting him deal with it all. i think in the end the cop on duty ended up taking cruise to the shelter at 7am. i don't know if she even lived that long, i said my goodbyes to her and then went to bed.

eh after that we ended up going to see alex & emma when my mom got off work :'D

i think that's all :)

:O oh! jebus, when we were going to the mall there was an ad on the radio for a tori amos concert here in vegas, so simon was supposed to come up for a weekend, and i told him he should come up on the weekend of the concert and we could go (we've been to 2 other tori amos concerts) so then he said he would try to get ahold of jess. and today he called to tell me that he had gotten ahold of jess and she wanted to go to the concert too. so we started making plans and decided to go to one in tuscon, az in aug. so now i need plane tickets to tuscon :D
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24 June 2003 @ 04:10 am
XD silv has a live journal, what a ho for not telling me

maybe i will put a hex on him and send him my sinus infection :'D
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24 June 2003 @ 05:35 pm
:'D shufu sent me this picture:

shufu: XD i want an outfit like that if i go ho
yume: :o does it come with that pixelated manjunk?
yume: if it does i want one too
shufu: it better
yume: i want a huge ass bell
yume: i'd wear it all the time
shufu: you know what
shufu: i didn't notice the penis in the picture until you pointed it out
yume: XD
shufu: XD hahaha i am not very observant
shufu: those pixeled penises really do disguise themselves well
yume: XD LOL there's like cum all over his face too
yume: XD
shufu: XD
shufu: i thought maybe it was milk
yume: LOL
shufu: <<---innocent
shufu: :'d is it such a crime to be so stupid??
shufu: XD haha
shufu: that is a huge penis in her face
yume: :'D my face hurts from laughing
shufu: lol
shufu: how didn't i see that??
shufu: XD
shufu: its like the size of her brain
yume: LOL
shufu: :'d what will think of next
shufu: XD i really did think it was milk
shufu: i need to be kicked in the ass
yume: :')
shufu: lets see if i have any secret porno in my picture file
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24 June 2003 @ 05:43 pm

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my slut stats suck, which it seems i should have been out doing more often :'D

i didn't know i had some 56 people on my friends list :o
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24 June 2003 @ 05:49 pm
:'D my brother told me i was white last night, then proceeded to show my legal documentation that proved it, he is such a bastard.

just thought you should know.
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