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:O oh my jesus!!

XD i forgot how freaking crazy this whole acen trip gets towards the end, like when the convention is over and we're all just hanging out.

oke .. so, let's see, what happened since last i left you??! :o

um, so the night before we left georgia, there was some drama with kat and the matrix. kat wanted us all to go see the matrix when we got to chicago (with them, remy, dustin & noah) XD only we had seen it the day before (sneak preeview thing) so remy & dustin were arriving an hour before us, and we thought it would be best if kat (and co.) went to get remy & dustin and went to the hotel (or theatre) and we'd make it to the hotel on our own cause we had to check in before 12pm and our flight didn't arrive in chicago till 1030pm. but like i said, there was drama on the chicago side, so yea ..

but!! no one bothered to check the e-tickets and we weren't even arriving at the same airport as remy & dustin, so it all worked out the way we had said it should.

so the hotel was nice (same as last year really). last year i had lost my bank card (visa thing) and was like living off of my credit cards, and i had only really brought 200$ in cash with me, so i told kawa i would put the rooms on my credit card and then everyone could give me the cash for the room that we were going to pool to pay for them.

we had to wait a couple of hours (i think) for someone to come get us, so we could go to the movies and the room wasn't really ready so we ended up sitting near that sarah's pantry place for awhile. there was a cute guy sitting off to the side of us, and he ended up joining us while he waited for his friends to arrive. :'D i think he kinda had a crush on kawa (damn her..).

hika showed up and needed help with all her cosplay/food stuff so i stayed with the bags while everyone went to do that (even the phil guy who wasn't a part of our group).

oh oke, so i should mention this .. even though it'll prolly come back to bite me in the ass later. XD tro was so getting on my nerves by then. while we were still in georgia out of the blue one day she asked me "am i bugging you?" and at the time she really wasn't so i told her no. but !! somehow inbetween that time and getting to chicago she had slowly been getting to me. and i can't even really explain it.. maybe cause i don't like to be away from home and things i'm used to. i got so nervouse right before i left vegas i thought i was going to throw up in the van that was taking me to the airport. :'D

everyone think's that tro is innocent and naive, and they give her a lot of leeway when it comes to stuff you'd get pissed at anyone else for, but i think me an kawa know a little bit better, maybe it's from having more life experience (or maybe it's just cause we don't like to put up with other people's crap?) or something, but if i had to describe tro i'd say she was iggnorant and gullable .. but more on that later i suppose ..

oke, so we got settled in the rooms (they connected which was awesome) and then we waited again. phil was still with us, and we ended up watching the scorpian king XD tro fell asleep (none of us had really gotten any sleep the night before) and then i kinda dozed off and on. kawa stayed up and talked to phil (she is a crafty ho).

our ride finally arrived, and we said by to phil, hika disappeared (she did this often) and we finally met up with everyone at the theatre.

:O when we first got there i thought i saw remy and i was gonna run up and surprise her, but it turned out to be ah chan XD and i nearly punched him. so got to meet dustin at last. he was very gay, but also sweet :') kinda a cutey, maybe just cause he was so obviously 'a new gay' i dunno.

yes, so watched the matrix again (fell asleep a lot XD woke up during neat scenes though) :o got to see the trailer for part 3 after the credits this time (didn't know they were there the first time and we just left). went back to the hotel .. no wait!

XD oke, so i know i sound like a broken record, but goddamn we really should have rented a car.. so kat's parents (who we were relaying on for all our transportation) have this car that is so small, but is still an suv thing. it's like what an suv's babies might look like. it only fits like 6 people (and that's if you squish everyone in on top of one another) so misa, remy, dustin & noah went with the dad back to the hotel and the rest of us had to wait, so we went to eat at gross IHOP XD jesus i really don't like letting kat & misa decide where we will go, but at the same time i don't know what chicago has, so we have to like relay on them for everything .. only they always seem to take us to crappy commercial places that we're all used to cause we also have them in our states.

the waitress at the IHOP was cool though, if not a little stoned. she didn't know how to take an order, and needed the menu open so she could copy the food names into her pad, and didn't know what basics came with hamberguers and stuff :'D but then she got to talking to us about the con and anime and turned out she was a big sailormoon fan.

so then we got to the hotel.

XD kat had put remy, dustin & noah in the same room as hika and vee. and the rest of us in the other. only hika and vee were never really in the room, so it was like only remy dustin & noah in there while there were 6 of us in the other room. lets just say our rooms was mighty aromatic after the first pizza delivery :'D and kat would not let me leave the window (or anything open) to air it out. XD which i didn't understand, cause she complains none stop that she can't breathe in hot closed in places with no ventilation, but she fucking made that room into a ass-smelling-hot-box and then wouldn't leave.

yes, so um .. by then i was trying to stay away from tro (and the whole 'drama' over rides and seeing the movie had kinda put me in a bad mood with kat, so i was staying clear of her too) so i hung out with kawa a lot. she cosplayed as motoko from love hina, i think she was the only motoko there this year. i also tried to spend a lot of time with remy, but mostly just cause she's spiffy old remy :D and dustin, cause i didn't really know him much.

hm .. so *trying to remember stuff* the dealers room was moved this year to another building completely and we had to walk for like 15 minutes just to get to it, and it really sucked a lot. i think i might have spent more time looking at/buying hikaru no go stuff's for shufu then i did for myself :'D

all i really wanted to get this year was an asuka resin (i wanted to get it last year, but the place that had it had already like taken it back to the store by the time i went to get it), some art books, and maybe some keychain / cell phone straps.

XD the place that did the good resins wasn't there this year, and all the other places that had resins only really had mecha stuff or anime type things i hadn't heard of. i did get some cook art books though. and some doujinshi (which i might end up selling on ebay :'D cause im stupid and only really like to browse DJ not collect it) i had wanted to get some of those neko markers, but i'm suck-ass with markers and didn't want to shell out 50$ for them and never use them like i did with thoe copic markers i bought.

XD i love grab bags .. i bought like 3 or 4 grab bags and got a lot of nifty little stuff. :O there was this ayumi CD i wanted to get and like 5 places had it but they all wanted like 40-50$ for it, there was only one place that was selling it for 22$ XD but it had this 'no copy' sticker on it so i was kinda warry, and ended up missing out on it, cause the 22$ place sold out.

:o just took a little typing break and lost my train of thought.

oke, so con was like three days, but i'm mashing it all into one really cause i don't think i remember what happened on what day really.

so um after a while i started to feel like a big jerk for trying to avoid tro, so i lent her 100$ got get this two-mix cd collection thing. kawa was kinda pissed off at her too by then, cause tro only had so much money saved up for con and she blew most of it the first day were were there, and kawa kept telling her (they live together if i hadn't mentioned it before) to save some money for after con, but then tro would throw this childish fit and tell kawa "you're not my mom" which made me want to beat tro up :'D but i didn't really say anything.

there was more kat drama, and kawa got kinda pissed about that. i was already expecting it though, so i took it all in stride and just did my own thing (which i learned last year) so i didn't bother me as much. by then tro was like broke and we were ordering food and stuff and she would make comments about how broke she was and kawa and her got into it a little (i think, i don't really know) cause tro just took off, then kawa took off after her then came back a long while later and called kat out into the hall and had a 'talk' with her too. :'D i had like went to the bathroom or something when she came in for kat though, so when i got out the room had like emptied out and it was just like remy & dustin and maybe noah, so we decided to go for a walk.

XD i dunno if im gonna come across as bitchy, maybe i am, maybe i dunno, but i was kinda like getting a weird vibe from noah, so i was like trying to stay away from him too, then when we went on the walk he did something that really seemed to show how like kat & misa he had become, which i guess is inevitble since he lives with them now. yea so, the walk was uneventful, and we ended up back in the skywalk thing that you had to take to get to the dealers room.

:o there was this whole dustin+noah thing kinda going on, it was kinda weird. well prolly not weird, but just kinda odd to me. tro kept saying stuff about 'what a cute couple' they were and stuff, that might have been what was making it 'weird'.

um .. one night (after con was over) we ended up in the lobby and played cards for a while. wait i think it was the same night as the walk and the 'talks' .. yes it was, cause we got back to the room and me and remy wanted icecream, so we all headed down to the gift shop were we ran into misa and tro and then we went to the lobby seating area and played cards, kat and kawa showed up a little bit later. then we started playing truth or dare. we were originally going to use the cards to decide on truth or dare, red for truth - black for dare, but no one really wanted to do any dares and it took us forever to come up with some good truth questions, so we ended up just playing truth and we all answered the question when it was asked. :'D we're so immature, all the questions really centered around sex and masterbation..

this security guy at the hotel tried to mess with us :'D he came over and told use that we had to move cause the were 'changing the floor plans' or something, then when we had all gotten up, he said he was only kidding, cause he had bet his buddy that he could fool us or something XD which really wasn't fair since he was security after all, it was really more an abuse of power.

after truth got boring, kawa and remy started to wrestle or something :'D and things just got too rowdy so we decided to go back to the rooms. but halfway there kawa and misa started chasing each other and then tro started chasing kawa, and like me and remy went to the vending machine, then kawa disappeared. everyone went back to the rooms, and by the time we got back kawa still hadn't come back, and the first thing i thought was that she had prolly fallen in a stair well or something, cause she had a bad heart and other various health problems. so i went back out and yelled into and walked up and down all the stair wells, and couldn't find her. so i went back to the room and she still hadn't come back, so then me and remy went to go look for her. everyone kept saying that she was prolly just joking with us and hiding somewhere. so me and remy went back to the room and she still wasn't there, so we went out again, still couldn't find her. went back to the room again and this time kat, tro, dustin & misa (i think) all came out to look. so me, remy & tro went to check all the fire exits at the bottom of the stairwells, cause i had gone down one and almost gotten locked out cause there's no door handle on the outside, so we figured that maybe kawa had run down and gotten locked out, maybe. but we couldn't find her (side note, these fire escape things were freaking resident evil scary .. :'D and in this one that me and remy had gone out into, we heard someone throw something metal at us. i thought maybe remy had thrown something or kicked something cause it was close to us, but she said now, then something else was thrown and we decided to leave. turns out it had been noah tossing pennies off the balcony, he didn't even know were were below him X'3) oke, so by then had been all over the hotel and all over the hotel grounds, even some of the stuff connected to the hotels. the only things we hadn't fully checked yet were the stair wells. the hotel is like 10+ floors and i had only walked up a couple of the stairs wells from the 6th floor to the 8th. i was going to suggest that we all go to the top floor and take a stairwell and just walk down to the bottom, but i had yelled kawa's name in each one and she hadn't answered. so we got back into the hotel and kawa finally had shown up, turns out she had passed out while running down on the the stairwells and fallen and stayed there unconsious or something for who knows how long before she woke up and came back to the room while were were checking outside the hotel.

so whatelse .. we watched resident evil and i braided remy's hair, then my own hair, then tro's hair :'D then the next day kat & misa rode with remy & dustin to take there bags to the house while we got ready, then we went to check out. XD oh man the girl at the counter freaked my out, cause i had asked kawa how much the rooms were going to be, and she had said around 800$ for both, so i was like oke, cause the cards i used had like 1000$ left on it. when i went to check out the girl asked how i was going to pay, so i told her the card on file, and she said it had been declined XD so i was going to ask her to try to do it across a couple of cards, cause i only had my little cards on my really, but then it turned out that one room had gone through on the card on file and i only had to pay like 400 for the other one, and it was like 800$ all together for both rooms. i don't really know why the first card was declined, cause i've used it since then :'D

so we get the the house and we have an hour to kill before we have to take remy & dustin to the airport, so we go to the mall and play DDR some XD i'm so out of shape, and it's so hot here, i was all sweaty and gross after like 6 songs.

misa, remy, dustin & noah went with the dad to the airport in the car and the rest of us decided to take the bus to meet them, i read my alien9 graphic novel and scared kawa with pictures of 'hyper-growth' :'D i think i turned everyone onto alien9 though, can't wait to get the anime. we got to the airport pretty quick by train. i think i know more about the trains and busses here in chicago then i do about the CAT busses in vegas. said our byes to remy and dustin, took pictures (took so many pictures in general :'D) dustin looked so sad to be leaving. i really wish they had gotten to stay, but they had like school and work things to do.

kawa and remy had been talking about next year, we all had been talking about next year really, but they were the ones making good plans :'D cause acen really sucked balls this year and next year remy and kawa won't really be able to get the time off cause they'll be going to school (the same school the bastards) so they had planned for us all to meet up for a week and just hang out, down in maryland X3 where dustin & remy live. it sounds like a lot of fun. i'm trying to get everyone to come to vegas :o it shall be done!

hm .. after remy and dustin left i think we went back to the house, but i could be wrong.. no wait, we went to 'the place' :O oh my jesus! oke, so we get in the car and kat and misa have some directions, and it all cramped like in the car and hot and junk so i was like dying, plus they had on some loud ass music, so i put on my headphone and like dozed off and on. we must have drove for a couple of hours :'D i thought we were going to like visit hika or something, cause they had said her name a couple of times, but we ended up going to to this nifty chinese buffette (so much better then the one last year) and right next to that was this nickel arcade place that had like 5 DDR machines XD and a paraparaparadise!! it was so freaking cool. it was this whole birthday surprise thing that kat and misa had come up with, they paid for our dinner then gave us money for the arcade place :'D i played so many DDR & parapara songs i thought i would die. i really like parapara :o i am amazed.

the ride home was a lot shorter and we stopped at jewel where noah and misa work and blockbuster.

gah .. it's really late, i think i'll finish this up tomorrow.

i think the above is the end of monday night the 19th or something.
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