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11 January 2003 @ 05:03 am
question: what will today hold for me?
answer from the oracle book: you've drawn the queen of swords: you may have to go it alone.

well that's nice.

i spent way too much money on computer equipment last night. on the plus, i got my computer and sammy's laptop on a lil home network, and we can both use the printer and internet without messing with a bunch of cables anymore. on the negative, the stupid printer is under my computer desk, and sammy prints out crap 24/7 ..

has anyone noticed that my posts are all like a day off? i should start doing these things when i get home from work and its still the same day. since my shift at work is changing, they might start to follow some semblance of a normal persons day ..

nothing really important happened today. i got up at 145 (i think my alarm clock really is broken, the snooze button seems to turn off the alarm now) and was still some 18 minutes late. tomorrow is david's last day, i don't think anyone even planned anything ..
oh. tracy came by today, it was cool seeing her again.

eh, i dunno what else went on, i should go to bed. oh, i got a new heather nova CD, i think it's new, but i dunno, i just saw it mixed in with some country CDs my brother was looking at, and decided to buy it.

and i made a new live journal icon :D
Current Mood: artisticartistic
Current Music: heather nova - welcome