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I started this with the idea (aka inspired by the other entries) that I was going to participate in the Arthurian Challenge over at darker_spike, but I couldn't find an image I really liked that seemed Arthurian, so I picked my favorite from the search and ended up with something from Celtic Mythology. I am most pleased that I got a fairly decent mans body out of a female figure. ;3;!

Original Image: Blodeuedd by Alan Lee

Description: Blodeuedd was the fairest woman in Celtic mythology. She was conjured out of blossoms by the magician Gwyndion for his nephew Lleu, who was cursed by his mother Arianrhod to be unable to marry a human woman. The young couple were happy for a time, but one day when Lleu went to visit the sorcerer Math, Blodeuedd offered hospitality to a passing huntsman named Goronwy. The two fell in love, and together they plotted her husband's murder. When they attacked him, Lleu flew away in the form of an eagle. In revenge, Gwyndion turned Blodeuedd into an owl, and restored Lleu to his human form and healed his wounds.
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