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do you want to hang your head and die

Happy Birthday tsubasagahoushi!

Threadless.com Submission - I <3 Vampires

My last submission seems to be doing ok, I should hear something about it tomorrow or the day after I suppose. It's on it's last day of voting today I think. XD I like reading the comments. The ones about Hot Topic are amusing. :'DD I guess I am secretly Goth on the inside. lol

Bleh I wore a Sweatshirt type shirt to work today and someone turned off the AC. :'D Sometimes I think that they have my wardrobe tapped just so they can know if turning the AC off or on will cause me discomfort or not.

OMG I went to the book store to pick up the Discworld series (or atleast the first few books of the witch and wizard storyarchs) and there was a new Diana Wynne Jones book! And it's a Chrestomanci book! :DDDD

I'm 2 chapters away from finishing it.

In other news I am  Level 8 Druid Night Elf on WoW. XD I spent a good portion of yesterday night trying to walk to irong forge with this other N00b aka I died a lot.

Oh, the guy I relieved today told me that the Tribe is starting a new policy on over time and sick leave on Jan 1st I might end up losing about 400+ hours of vacation and sick time. :l

Oh (part 2) I had my perm removed. My hair is a lot straighter then it used to be. I need to get about an inch or so cut off I think. I dunno if I'll have layers put back in.
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