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so many times i am down .. with the ground

:l i dunno what i did, but my ankle really hurts. it kinda feels like the pain i got before my back surgery .. i really hope it's just some stupid post-carnival thing that goes away in a day or so.

:'D my cat really smells bad. i mean like i can't have him near me for very long because he smells, that is how bad the stink of him is. :o i guess i could give him a bath or something, but i know he is going to run outside the next time someone opens the door and go roll around in the dirt outside. maybe i will get some of those cat wipe things that we used to get for pika when she got too sick to take care of herself ..

:l we haven't really had a cat (of ours) die in a long time. it used to happen all the time cause we had so many. ta is really sick even though he doesn't look like it. everyone babies him a lot cause he's sick, i hope he dies of old age or something.

losing pika and anjolina the way i did traumatized or something me i think.

:o what does that say about you when, losing a pet scars you worse then losing a family member?

when anjolina died was the closest i have ever come to actually being depressed. i pretty much wanted to be dead myself. but my aunt geneal, who i loved like my mother died (pretty much the same exact way anjolina did) and i was really sad and all, but all i could think about was myself and how "the world will never be the same size again".
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