☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

Long Lasting!

:D I got some of the Pinky:st dolls I ordered in the mail today. Specificly the one's that I wanted that looked like yu-ko, bu-ko and shu-ko (I had to paint shu-ko's hair and eyes XD but I had some spooty-post-pet pinky's to work with so yay). I ordered some more from this one place online, so hopefully I'll be getting some better clothing for them soon. XD Stupid Post-pet one's didn't come with an extra body or clothes. :((( Stupid Post-pets.

I picked up the glossy acrylic first, but put it back to get the matte one because the Post-pet hair was not shiny. I wish I had gotten glossy now, it would have matched the other two better. I'll post some better picture's of the Pinky's later.
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