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happy birthday angelicangel :D! <333

oolong was right, the head was too big before. XD I think this looks a lot better. Here's a link to the old one, so you can compare if you'd like. Now that I look at another picture of Alex Wilcox, he has a uniquely shaped head too. :"D But he's still a damn sexy man.

I'd also like to note that if you use the Download Priority in Azureus to make certain files download faster then others with in a torrent it doesn't exactly give the files you want higher priority as much as it stops downloading any other file until the higher priority files are downloaded first, even if there are only 2 peers out of 30 that have the files you want. I have this anime torrent open and I set the first 5 episodes on high priority last night and it set the ETA to 5 days, they finished sometime this after noon. When I checked the torrent again it had an ETA of 30 days. I removed the high priority from the first 5 episodes it dropped back down to 3-5 days. XD ;3; pirating anime is such a pain.

I almost forgot, I'm still getting Gmail invites (for some reason?). I have about 100 or so, so if anyone needs one, let me know.
Tags: birthday
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