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spangle & spander t-shirts?!

I've designed a graphic or image (whatever it's called) that I'd like to put on a t-shirt (*cough*cough* fadedblue we needs to talk :D).

Would you wear this on a t-shirt? Or maybe buy it for someone? XD I'm not asking for orders or anything, just opinions in general right now. I've been interesting in making t-shirts for a long time, but it's just been another one of those things where I'm too lazy to actually do anything about it. As soon as i find the time/talk with faded again these two designs should be available on cafe press. X3

Also, I really couldn't think of anything clever for the BG or text, so those two parts could be changing. XD I don't want to like get in trouble for copyright laws so I might take off the Spangle/Spander text and just put something stupid like "You're cute when you're angry." XDDD I really don't know how all that works.

Call me an asshole, but this makes me chuckle. XD I dunno who all reads this anymore, but flame me all you want if you feel it'll make you feel any better. Just remember I know about 85% more about what's going on then you probably do. XD That probably just makes me sound even more bitchy then I intended it to, but OHWELLZ~L :"DDDD
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