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you live your life, you live like an island; satisfied you live for the moment

Tsukino Usagi
Tsukino Usagi - You've matured a lot in the past
few years. You still have your dumb blonde
moments, but you're a sweet, caring person,
who's accepted her path in life.

Which Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon StarS character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

i got usagi, but after reading all possible results i think i could be hotaru too.

:'D i need to clean my room. i got some of those under bed storage bin things, to put my winter clothes in, cause my stupid winter clothes take up a good portion of my room where the closet used to be, but i never bothered to use the bins. so they just sit next to my winter clothes taking up even more space in my tiny room.

my mom keeps talking about moving out, but she never does. she brought it up again today and said we should go look at houses. so i said "yea lets go look," and she didn't hear me and so she said "well you can't live with your mother forever." :'D wtf?
so i said back "i thought you were living with me?" cause she really is. the house may still be in her name, but i pay for it and i own the land it's on. if i really wanted i could go down to the credit union and have the house in my name with two signatures.

i don't mind her being here, cause she's my mom. she may be a bitch like 80% of the time, but i'm so used to that after 20+ years. i dunno what it'd be like when she does move out. like will sammy move with her? or will he stay?

if the new place was closer to his school, sammy would prolly leave. so will i be left here all alone on the stupid colony? it would be kind of pointless for me to move, since i work down the street and everything is mine ..

it's weird to think about a future that is total speculation. maybe i will pull out my old spell books and look for some kind of divining spell or charm thing. i lost my moonstone, it really helped to focus my prophetic dreams. :l who knows if it would even work now. ever since the surgery, since i got that new bone, i dream normal dreams along with the prophetic ones.

now i am wondering where my tarot cards are in my stupid mess of a room.

edit* the picture for this quiz wouldn't come up so i went back and took the quiz over again, but then figured since i was gonna have to put the picture up on my own space, i might as well find a pretty picture since the quiz just had ugly fuzy screencaps from the anime
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