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-o- sleepy ...

I only got about 2 hours of sleep today and now I am wide awake, but my body just feels exhausted. I wanted to work on some manips tonight(I have been picking the very talented debartdebart's brain in emails for tips :3), but I think I'm just going to go lay in bed and read magazines until I fall asleep.

the last two episodes of night stalker have just seemed to drag on. :L my mom said that the original night stalker was tv's buffy for her generation. stewart townsend is hot and all, but he better strip or the plot better get better pretty soon. :')

why does ER only need 1 extra minute every week? why not an even 5 or 10? XD the last two or so episodes have all started at 9:59 instead of 10pm.

ps - I can hear a woman whispering in the next room. :"D I love Halloween. XD
Tags: ghosts, halloween
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