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Stretch it, twist it, make it grow. Like a river, make it flow. Make it pull and pinch and tweak.

I should have been in bed hours ago. Instead I've ... well I've not really cleaned my room, but I've rearranged the one huge pile of crap into about 4 distinct piles of semi-crap/almost-salvagable-trinkets_clothes_books_&_cds. It seems like the more I rearrange my room the more teenager-ish it becomes. Thankfully this time around I've actually succeeded in creating a nice flow-y space with real space. I could actually buy myself a wardrobe (which i desperatly need) and still have a nice bit of space left over for a small center table or some kind of huge ass plush (aka some one buy me one of those 4 foot tall hello kitty dolls) toy. :D

I started watching The 10th Kingdom while I clean. Now I kind of want to stay up and watch at least the first disk.

:'D Oh yea, I got a perm a few days ago. XD It's very upsetting. Usually I wouldn't be so stupid, but I thought I could trust the girl i went to (she's been doing my mom's hair for years and I've seen her do some really good work). I drew her two pictures to show her what I wanted and she told me that she could do it, but the end result was way way to tight of a curl (I asked for a very very very loose wave). She assures me that the curl will relax and should be the way I want it within a week (about 4 more days), but I doubt it. You know how in Legally Blonde 2 ReeseWitherspoon catches the murderer up in a lie because she had a perm and said she had gotten it wet and that couldn't be true because if you get a perm wet in the first 24 hours it undoes the perm. Yea that's not true. I washed this bitch 2 hours after I got home and its still here. XDD It has relaxed some though, so I'm really hoping that in the next 4 days it will be where I want it to be like the girl said.

And if not, I bought a Straightening Iron.
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