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still in love with all your sins

i need to mess with my friends page, edit the style and stuff so that it matches my LASTN_DAY or whatever, and change some of the preferences so that the communities i watch don't over shadow everyone else. i know how to do it, and it would prolly take like 3 minutes, but god damn i am feeling really lazy today.

dying by hole was just playing, when ever this song plays, i think of holli's mom even though i never met her. i don't really know why. i think it might kinda be because, when she died, everyone who had met her kept talking about her to me like i had known her, and i had first heard that song then. funny how memory works, ne?

1000 July's by third eye blind is playing now. man, one day i am going to marry stephen jenkins. foreal. :'D then you will all have to call me Mrs. Stephen Jenkins. i will have it made law. i don't care what silv says, he is my future husband.

me and my brother went to see spirited away today. now that simon and jessica are gone, and david is busy being a father type person (:o and i don't even know about shonda), of and monica is a big ho, i've forced sammy to be my buddy type person, we go and hang out at walmart and eat taco bell late at night.

the other day i was thinking that if sammy wasn't my brother i prolly wouldn't want to know him. he is really an asshole, but i have that whole brotherly *unconditional* love thing or something going on, and i can usually look past that. but sometimes he really is just a big asshole. :'D

today, i don't really feel the same way. maybe one of my other personalities was surfacing the other day? i don't really remember being pissed off at him or anything. i wonder if other siblings feel the same way sometimes?

anyway, i had asked sammy if he wanted to go see spirited away this afternoon around 4pm and he said he didn't know, so i asked later around 7pm and he said oke, so i checked the times, and the next show was at 7:50pm and it was the last one coming on that ended before 11pm (when i had to be at work), so i had to rush around and get ready (shower, ect..). we left the house at 7:38pm and made it out to the rancho sante fe at 8:06pm :'D i really think i can control the flow of time or something.

so we get to the theater and the movie hasn't started yet. so we check the tickets and the girl had sold us tickets to the 10:30pm show. so we went to talk to the ticket guy. and he was like, "just go to the one showing now, its oke." so i asked him where it was, and he pointed us back to the theater that we had just come from. so they had to go get a manager to see what was going on and stuff.

since no one had bought a ticket before the movie time, they had decided not to play the movie. :'D but they put it on for us since we had already gotten tickets. so me and sammy like got a private screening kinda. :')

spirited away was really awesome, i don't know what award it won, but it really deserved it. usually the character designs of that miyawzaki guy (i can't remember his name) kinda bug me, but everything was just of the good when it came to spirited away. even the voices, which usually come across kinda campy.

towards the end this black family came in, theater hopping, they were fun :D when the big naked baby came on screen the black girl said "oh no he didn't" just like shanaynay from martin, it was awesome. XD

yea, so then i went to work, and cloryssa had gotten into something with tibbetts again. i don't know what's going on there, cause tibbetts is a really laid back (i would even call him awesome :'d maybe) guy and it really takes a lot to get under his skin, but this is like the third time cloryssa has gotten into something with him. i wanna say it is her fault, but i don't know if she is really clever enough to take the credit.
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