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Trouble in paradise.

Happy Birthday greatwhitelibra

I bought We Katamari last night. I plan to spend the entire night rolling things up. :D

I got in a big fight with my mom this morning. Well we didn't actually fight. More, she got really angry at me and I ignored her, then I thought about why she was angry with me and got even more angry with her.

Ok, so we have cats (as many of you know), a large number of cats. Basicly each of us owns 2 cats of our very own. The youngest cat is mine. And lately she's started crapping near the back door. My mom goes back there more then anyone else because that's where she she keeps her stupid dog. So instead of telling me about it she cleans it up and then gets angry at me without telling me why. Oshe will get angry with me for some reason that doesn't involve the cat at all and then throw it in my face from out of the blue. Today my mom found a dried up peice of cat crap in the corner of the dining room and decided to vaccum it up.

My mom vaccumes everything up. We go through about 3 vaccums a year on average because she is constantly missusing them, which eventually leads to some kind of small explosion or motor melt down.

The cat crap got clogged in the vaccum.

I was in my room at the time moving my bed (I have a very small bed room and way too much junk to put in it). Which was a lot harder then i thought it would be, so after I had finally gotten the damn thing moved I came out to get a drink and see my mom trying to get something out of the vaccum so i was going to help her (the last time this happened it was because she had tried to vaccum up a spongy cat toy). So instead of telling me what happened she just says something like "You are the last person that wants to be around me right now" and walks off.

Normally I could really care less if my mom gets mad at me. After 20+ years of living with her anger is the last emotion that'll phase me, so I went back to my room. She comes back into the dinning room and starts talking really loudly about what my cat had done and how lazy I am because I never help around the house ect.


What pisses me off about all this is that. It's pretty much her fault yet she won't accept any of the blame or do anything to change what's going on. Let me explain. About 5+ years ago we went to visit my aunt (who was living out in Sandy Valley at the time. It's like a Nowheres-ville some hicks invented inbetween california and las vegas) and took home this ugly yellow stray cat that was skulking around my aunt's house.

We had problems with Yellow from day one. For the first year she lived under my moms bed. And I mean she did not come out from under the bed. She ate and shit under there and every once and a while my mom would have one of us lift the bed up so she could cage yellow and shampoo the carpets. Also yellow hated everyone and attacked anyone that touched her.

After a few years, yellow came out from under the bed and stopped attacking everyone. She entered a more meek neurotic stage of life or something and basicly skulked around the house peeing on everything and hiding from everyone. She also started chewing large chunks of hair off of her ass (which we had to spend about 300$ on vet visits to learn was just nerves - which is exactly what I told me mom for free).

So current day yellow is almost a normal cat. She can hang out with everyone and comes up to you to be petted and doesn't hide anymore. But, she still pisses on everything. And I mean everything. We had to throw out our old stove because it had those weird plastic-y burners and they eroded away from her pissing on them. We've also had to tear the carpeting out of the dinning room (we're in the middle of laying down tiles right now and the corner my cat shit in has no tiles on it yet, very easily cleaned) because she basicly ruined that entire room.

Now we've had cats all my life and we've always potty trained them, the only problems we've ever had with house breaking a cat was when someone would go into heat before we had them fixed. Until yellow. The two places that my cat craps in are in yellow's top 5 places to take a piss. And my cat is very young, she's really still just a kitten. I taught her how to use a cat box and she's been very good about it, aside from recently she hasn't ever not used a cat box.

So is it insane to think that because she is young she is learning bad habits from yellow?

Not in my mom's eyes. :l

And don't get me started on the idiot dog. My mom goes on and on about how well behaved and house broken the dog is, but I can't leave the door to my bed room open and ungaurded when the dog is in the house because she will sneak into my room to take a crap. She doesn't do it anywhere else in the house. If my door is closed, she holds it. And aside from a low level gripe I've never started a day long fight with my mom about it.
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