☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,


I went to see a midnight showing of Serenity tonight (cause my mom is going to make us into mexican house slaves tomorrow and make 500,000,000 tamales for a bunch of people I don't even know when all I wanted was to make a few dozen for us ;3;). It was pretty damn sexy and wrapped up all my Firefly loose ends (I think, I haven't really watched Firefly for a while XD).

I haven't been to a midnight show in a long time (I think the last one was LOTR 1). I forgot what type of crowd it brings out. XD Sadly my shunning of fandom/communites made me miss out on a drawing they held before the movie started :'(

Ok the last 30 minutes or so of the movie, River's fight scene with the Reevers. XD My first thought was something like "Wow, fighting = awesome/cool." my second thought was "The only way this fight could get any cooler was if her weapon (which i couldn't see very well) was the slayer's scythe." XDDD then when it was all over she's holding a broken axe head in one hand and what looks like a long spike/steak in the other.

:'D So am I out of the loop and that was the scythe (all broken like) and joss through it in for buffy fans. Or it's just coincidence? (though such a big coincidence seems very unlikely.)
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