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Why is Photoshop so damn complicated?! (a lot of swearing was cut from this sentence)

:x I was trying to be clever and do a speech bubble using shapes, only I couldn't figure out how to make the speech bubbles turn around (so that they tail was facing the right person talking). So I started messing with setting one at a time (always putting thing back the way they were before if they didn't work the way I wanted) and I guess I forgot to put one setting back and proceeded to freak out for 2 hours when I couldn't get the pen tool to work the way I usually use it.

I am a bezier tool addict. I can not live with out it.

XD I tried asking people on my AIM and MSN, but everyone that knew anything about photoshop was sleeping. :"DDD

So I was forced to Search and Read, before I could figure out what I had done wrong!!! ;O;
Tags: rant
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