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okok whatever you say

;3; I get so addicted to RO whenever I come back to it.

right now instead of playing ffxi or wow (which I am paying for) I'm playing Destiny RO.

I used to play on dRO a few months ago when it first started and i really liked it. My only complaint was that the rates were too high (I know that's just crazy talk XD). Then the owner closed it down out of the blue and i moved back to Project RO, but it just wasn't the same. dRO has kind of ruined regular RO for me. ;o;

dRO kind of actually has a plot. It's not just point and click, kill, kill, kill, wear a fancy hat. Right from the get go you're given a purpose and told to go out into the world and fulfull your destiny. XD And oh the quests... :'D You basicly level up because you're sent out to do a bunch of hunt/gather type quests. Lemme clarify, you level up from killing things to get the items you need, you do get some exp and money junks after doing a quest, but all the quests are set up so that you don't really have to go out and level up to a certain point to do something. Everything is chained pretty well.

Right now the downside to dRO is that the owner has remade the original version of his game (Threads of Fate) into Wrath of Envy (which i preffer to the old version) so not all the quests are complete once you get to about level 40-50, but he seems to be updating pretty regularly, so hopefully there won't be that long a wait before i can finish the quest chain I'm on. XD
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