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Got tagged by sbslink

List 20 random facts about yourself then tag as many people for as many minutes that it takes
you to complete.


01. I have a theory that I am not the first person/soul to inhabit the body I'm currently in.
02. I lost my virginity (to a boy) at age 8 and (to a girl at) 11.
03. I am the undeclared Queen of all Cats. Ask a Cat about it, they'll give you the 411.
04. Inconsiquential things are my downfall; I can handle the Big Stuff fairly easily though.
05. For a year I only listened to sad songs (even though i was very happy).
06. I try to wear only one color to pick up on the strengths that color posseses. (so far i've gone through black, silver, green, red and blue).
07. I have another Theory that the reality I'm in right now isn't the one I started out in. I'm pretty sure that Paris Hilton didn't exist where I originated from.
08. I <3 Brenna and Shufu (foreals)
09. I somehow end up bleeding every day.
10. I'm kind of in love with a dead boy.
11. I'm gonna put a curse on myself to make my life more of a fairytale then it already is. I want apples, princes, the cold kiss of death and happily ever after (even if it's a bitter sweet ever after).
12. A gypsy told me that I would never find True Love.
13. I have an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar and I can't play either one.
14. I only fall for guys named: Alex, Nick, David or John.
15. I only wear Silver Jewelry.
16. I'm not as sex-obsessed as people would think I am.
17. I feel like I need to be in some fights. Like I'm supposed to get hurt more then I have. Not because I like pain or anything, but more like I'm missing out on some kind of life lesson.
18. Mysterious women drop hand written numbers for psychics into my shopping cart when I go out shopping (this happens a lot more frequently then I think it should).
19. I have a piece of bone from a dead person in my spine. I'm pretty sure that it's pressence within my body has forced my karma to slip a cog.
20. My soul tastes like a Strawberry Poptart.


23 minutes.

01. kawaiibunny
02. shufu
03. kawa_kawa
04. silent_clarion
05. k0dama
06. mully
07. fadedblue
08. idetachi
09. js_
10. sado_nishi
11. oolong
12. psychodragon82
13. knowscandy
14. remybuu
15. sueworld2003
16. silvrain
17. ryanly
18. darian4011
19. tsunemori
20. tsubasagahoushi
21. angelicangel
22. shazamy
23. koniro

XDD i didn't read that bit about converting minutes into people, otherwise i would have just zipped through this.
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