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if deviantart were a person, they would be an asshole :D

hm ok, so i can't post manips on DA and sueworld2003 can't post manips on DA, but this guy can?


XD after looking at that girls general page i'm guessing that they're giving her leeway because she just joined DA. but still come on, DA is still a pretty big jerk of a website.

also :( the disk i have lexx on developed an error at the end, specificly during the last 30 minutes of the last episode.

*edit #2*

i was wondering before, could manips be entered as wallpaper/desktops? technically the same rules should apply to each category/section that an image can be posted into, but is anyone really checking other catergories the way they are checking Digital Art > Photomanipulation? XDDDD

yume = jerk :"DDD
Tags: rant
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