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some thoughts about LEXX

some background: in season 4 the Lexx gets caught in the orbit of the planets Fire and Water (Hell and Heaven respectively) where they interact/interfere with the inhabitants/souls on both planets. eventually the planets are destroyed and the spirits living on them move on to Earth. the people from Fire and Water awaken in pre-existing(/living) people on Earth.

Bunny existed on Water (which means that ultimatly she was a good person), but she was taken to Fire (where she later died).

so now on Earth, First Lady Bunny hangs out with President Preist and Prince (two bad guys).

does she hang out with bad guys on Earth because she went to the planet Fire? or is it just stupid human free will?

;3; i know that i have some Lexx fans on my friends list, i expect answers. XDDD

also, what was up with Girl Town? since fags go to Fire does that mean that homosexuality is evil? XD or is it some kind of cosmic mistake like Fifi? also in the end when the Girls are freed from Girl Town and get sent to Water (kind of ...) is that like saying 'eh being a dirty gay is ok afterall ... i guess'? :'DDD
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