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why things gots to be so herrible?

:( all i wanted to do tonight was sit in the dark and read my book by the light from the lobby.

instead i get into work 10 minutes late and find out the idiots that live here are pulling the same old shit they pulled 2 weeks ago (seriously either kill yourselves already or do something new to keep things the tiniest bit interesting k thx?).

so i decided i would continue my lexx marathon and finish up the series (i'm on season 4 already).

:l but no. crack heads have to break open thier babies skulls then call and yell at me about it.

:') the first thing i do when i 'snap' is get a gun and go take care of some of god's light work.

XDDD that sounds totally creepy. but seriously. i can name about 15 people who have no bussiness being alive :'D and that's pretty damn sad.

the max should be about 5? XD

:(( then to top everything off the jerk i'm working with can't handle his shit and made me call the Lt. so now even though i've done my job to the fullest (hell i even called the ambulence company and gave them a stern talking to about how to do their jobs) i'm going to get another little talk from the Lt. because god knows that it couldn't have been the cop that was being el-stupid-o it had to be the dispatcher. :')

oh and my lexx dvd is probably messed up. it seems to be erroring on the last two episodes on the disk, which means i'm going to have to skip the episode where xev is all dead and junk.
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