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The Herrible Tale of Gwyndolyn Jasmine

my mom and brother are tragedy-addicts. we watch an unhealthy amount of news programs as it is, but when something horrible happens the tv doesn't get turned off and the channel does not get turned to a non-news channel. :'D

this is how this wonderful jewel came to light ... *insert chorus of angels here*

someone was interviewing the survivors from katrina who were stuck at the superdome

So the world was introduced to Gwyndolyn Jasmine.

and it was HERRIBLE. XDDD

long and short, she had one of those accents thats prevalent over there (kawa_kawa knows what i'm talking about) and it was Awesome. t(TTuTTt )

everything was herrible. the hurricane was herrible. the aftermath was herrible. the superdome was herrible.

herrible herrible herrible. :'DDD XD so now i've somehow talked almost everyone i know into adding the word herrible into there daily vocabulary. just so i can giggle like a school girl!

XDD ok, so i'm like a complete asshole, but who cares. 500 times more funny then Simon's cancer. :')

ps - is her husband called Mr. Jasmine?
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