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for you, for you i bleed myself dry

awwww <3 they kill things together then go home and make out

yes, so i got my xander doll from sideshow in the mail today :>!

he doesn't seem to be made as well as the spike or angel dolls. his body seems generic and kind of ... flat? XDD if anyone else got this doll give his thigh a squeeze, it's like .. deflated or something right? XD more observations along these lines are that his frame in general is too thin/tapered/slender for xander. i will have to compare his body to spike or angels (or both <3?) later on to see all the differances (hahaha). mostly this is all came up because i couldn't get xander in a casual pose right off the bat ;3;


yume: XDDDD
yume: i need a life
yume: a life without buffy *o*
brenna: yeah... you do
brenna: XDD im not going to lie to you
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