☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

i bought an ipod the other day (peer pressure) and i have to agree with swiftsword itunes is a fucking whore. not because it's hard to use with music though. that was actually extremely easy to do (way more easy then with my minidisk's sonicstage program). it's a fucking whore because it's incredibly retarded when it comes to putting photos on the ipod.

i guess since it's called itunes it's not really supposed to work as well with photos as it is with music, but they only give you a 10 page manuel (honestly, 10 pages for a 400$ machine? XD) with the ipod and it makes it seem as if working with pictures/itunes/ipod is supa (supa!) easy.

i got the 60GB model, so i figured that i could just throw my entire my pictures folder on there (it's only like 1GB+ XD) but in the end i had to make a special folder for itunes to synch with and put all the pictures i wanted in there. the ipod or itunes (???) doesn't seem to be able to add files onto the ipod after the initial upload instead it replaces every photo file each time i synch (thats about 1000 pictures XD).

does anyone know how to remove music files from the ipod? using itunes i just removed the file from my itunes library and that seems to do the trick, but it doesn't exactly say hey i'm delteing this file from your ipod, freeing up space! instead when i synch again the song isn't there. that would be fine, except my mp3 folder was a mess so i had to go in there and rename a bunch of stuff and fix some id3 tags and group some albums and when i redid my itunes library and synched the ipod it didn't exactly go through any process where it removed files from the ipod and then replaced them from my new itunes library. :'D

everything seems to work they wany i want, but i'm guessing that instead of actually reomving anything from the ipod it just like renamed things, leaving scrapped files on the ipod but in a way that i don't see them on the display screen anymore? XD if that makes sense.

ps - i have almost every (probably like 98%) ayumi hamasaki song on my ipod ;3; <3
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