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sometimes the world around me is so awesome it astounds me

i think i will try to go to bed early tonight. or maybe read till i pass out. either way i plan to be in bed before 4am :'D damn it, as soon as i thought that, i wanted to play a video game. i don't think my brain/body likes to be in bed or something.

i got on open canvas with shufu tonight, it was cool. i can't find my cool metal tablet pen, i hope i left it at work (i don't think i did ..). i had to use the eraser end of my broken tablet pen .. i dunno if any of you have tried to draw with the blunt eraser end, but it really sucks. and to add to the experience, if i tipped the pen at all it switched back to erase.

i cleaned the second living room a couple of days ago, and pretty much tore it all apart looking for that pen (and the cdr that i had open canvas on).

i really wanna play some survival horror game. maybe i will restart resident evil 2 or try that leech game on RE0 again. (:"D they give you 2 handguns and then let loose like 4 hunters on you. what's up with that?)

here's a nifty web page if you wanna learn more about open canvas.

A r t o f D r e a m s. you can download the open canvas program there too.

maybe i will ask remy to download open canvas, if i ever see her online again. :')
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