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XD man i am supa tired. supa!

i painted my nails this morning so that i have this kind of reversed french manicure thing going on. blood red tips (the polish is called frankly scarlet) with buff/nude below that. it's as if i've dipped my fingertips in blood. :'D it's so freaking awesome. it's like my nails got a +8 gear or something. (seriously, i feel all empowered). XDDD

it might be a little too crazy for work, even though it's actually very tame. :'D but i like it.

i've been watching lexx and stargate atlantis. like a mofo! i can't believe how much SGA i missed. i've only had to really fastforward past 1 episode. i feel all dumb. i got all choked up at the end of the episode where they finally got to send a messege home. like at the part where sam is all like "zomg!1! its atlantis...~" XDDD

other then that i've been reading enchantment by orson scott card. i meant to read the next ender book, but i was in the mood for a fairytale.

speaking of i was really dissapointed with the brothers grimm :(

it was a good movie i guess, but it kind of dragged on in the beginning and heath ledger and matt damon like fought all the time. XD i know brothers 'fight all the time' but honestly when you only have 2 hours you don't need 1 hour 58 minutes and 43 seconds worth of fighting. :') i think the only reason i didn't fall asleep during brother's grimm was because

i <3 heath ledger *o*!


the cave was pretty good for having that paparazzi guy as like the main guy even though its being sold as an eddie ciberian movie or something. also papparazzi guy + eddie ciberian = do not look like brothers. no matter how dark a cave you put them in. :'D

ps - euphoricblue sent me this awesome mp3

pps - i have something supa (SUPA!) secret in teh works for someone.

ppps - simon doesn't have cancer anymore. :( everyone put away their party hats and champagne.
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