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she was a january girl

i feel like such a suck anymore when it comes to tinna. we've known each other for over 4 years online, and we always used to talk about meeting up one day *irl* and one the last two occasions when she was in las vegas, i had to turn her down because i couldn't get the time off from work. this just feels like the lame-est excuse, cause if i really wanted to, i could just leave this crappy job, and get something better, but i've become so complacent (i dont know if thats the word i wont to use, but im using it) when it comes to stuff like my job (bleh..)

i have this overwhelming feeling that i should be doing something more, but when i ask myself what more is there to do, i don't have any answers.

simon says that he'll be moving back to vegas in a couple months, and i thought, 'oh that'll be good, right? cause then ill have someone to go out with again..' then i thought 'god, what level of loser have i fallen to if im getting excited over going out with simon?'. *deep breathe* not that simon's a bad friend or anything, aside from the non-stop lying (which im used to) he's semi-fun to be around some of the time.

ive lost this thought, i wanted to write about tinna, and i end up writing about simon.
i take it back simon does suck :D
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