☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

>:l god i wish daniel had been on time today. i was in a really really good mood and the the Lt. came in and the first thing he did was corner me and give me another 'talk'

he tells me that i need to get peoples names and or xerox their IDs when they come into the office.

all because of something that happened about a week ago where these two hispanic woman came in and asked me to call a resident for them. i informed them that i couldn't do that because we do not keep any records of the resident's telephone numbers. i then informed them that i could have our officer on duty go to the resident's address and delivere a messege for them.

being able to multitask i hit the radio send button and called for the officer as i was telling them this because he was in our area outside of the city. he didn't answer so i looked down to get his cell number and when i looked up they were running out the door.

the Lt said i should have went after them and gotten there names.

this is like the third time that i've been told that i should physically get involved with an incident where i have no idea if the person involved is possibly dangerous.

i'm a dispatcher, i do not get issued a weapon and i can not carry one when on duty. i am not given any type of self defense training.

why would i put myself in the position where i could get hurt when i'm basicly trained to answer phones?

the chief of police said that i needed to keep the blinds of my office open incase an officer got into a fight or was shot in front of our office. when i stated that i wouldn't be of any help to him because i "wasn't going to run out to save him" he apperantly made some kind of note about that in my personal file.

XD serisouly wtf?

also i can not wear head phones at work because it lowers the proffesional look we have to present. i work the grave yard shift. i don't see the public. the only people i see are fellow employees. the only time i can even think of when someone came in other then an employee was the two mexican whores mentioned above (who were most likely trying to rob a dead man mere hours after he had died ..) and at that time i didn't have my head phones on.

XD i tried to explain that 1) i am not listening to music 2) i've been listening to audio books and i would rather not have the cleaning lady or the two teenage interns walk in to hear swearing (stephen king) or non-sexual sexual content (alice hoffman).

:'D the Lt pretty much said fuck courtesy and said i could listen to my books on the computer, which has those large/loud speakers that echo in our office because of crappy contrsuction (headphones still vetoed)

anyway long story short .. i'm in a really fucking bad mood now :'D
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