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so im a really weird girl, im spoiled and a liar .. and i am greedy!

You are an angel.
What legend are you?.Take the Legendary Being Quiz by Paradox

there is nothing to do and at least two more hours before sweet slumber, or whatever it is i do that kinda resembles what everyone else calls sleep.

this morning i was really tired, so i thought 'yay, i will sleep good!' but somehow i ended up sleeping for like 40 minutes, then waking up, and staying up for another 3-4 hours. i played some jet set radio future. the graphics and music are really neat. it's like ssx tricky only without the snow, and you get to like blade over pedestrians. :'D if only life were as beautiful..

:O so what am i doing?

looking at nakedboyparts and picturewhores. i wish teh camera's didn't steal what little of a soul i have left. :'D

:l the dvd player froze again, i really hate that dvd player, more then i hate new mexico i think.

i talked to simon again today, i think he is getting really bored out there now or something, he's called a bunch of times. at least today there wasn't anything interesting on tv for him to interrupt :'D
i wish he would move back to vegas, at least when he was around there was someone to pick on. i think he's gonna stay down there forever though. if even half of what he's been telling me is true (the incestuous boyfriend aside - i don't know how much i believe him about his sex life) he's got goals and crap .. i hate the ambitious i think :') damn them all to hell because as the song says, i am ambivalent and dying inside.

i dunno if i really believe that. sometimes the feeling is there, a slow rot, but most of the time; life is just life. the same as it ever was.

i found this web page, its neat. http://ficbitch.com/pretty/index2.html

downloaded these icons..




i think i will draw another picture of Tara, this time with the sapho poem on her back, since i have the screen caps now.

:'D the lj_client's spell check wanted to change sapho to "sap ho"

i wish i had a sap ho, i really do :']
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