☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,


:'D we were talking on the phone and the hooker thinks he is a gamer now because his friend let him play some wannbe rpg on her computer and he said he wanted to buy a 'Gaming PC'. XD so i had to step in with a reality check. cause this is something that ho does all the time.

waste money on things he doesn't need.

XDDD so i told him, first of he is not a gamer, and second he just needs a computer in general.


"well i'm not a gamer like you, duh. i'm not playing Ro" pronounced like ROW :'DDDD

XDDD i didn't know wtf he was talking about. so i had to like think about it for 5 minutes before i figured out he mean RO. :')

XDDD then he kept asking me about Phil Ran XD so i was all like jigga-who? who's phil ran, so he had to like spell it out: S I L V R A I N XDDDDDDDDD

apperantly him and the editor of his college paper like the entry silv did about stupid fags gay guys who infect themselves with AIDs as a sexual fetish and wanted to run a story about it or something. XDDD

:'D i can't stop giggling about the call with simon.

i'm gonna go play a ps2 game called obscure now. it's some kind of survival horror thing about teens stuck in a highschool. i bought it online for like 8$ XD and thought it was going to be really crappy looking, but the graphics are kind of sexy, in a silent hill kind of way.
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