☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

i like having bangs. but i get this problem with hairstylists where they don't want to give me bangs. bitches? :"D

so last time i had my hair cut i asked the girl if maybe she should include a little more hair in my bangs, not across, but back. she didn't really give me an answer and changed the subject and didn't cut anymore bangs. XD

so i was going through a couple magazines (i have a subscription to seventeen that extends into 2010 thanks to one of those magazine pyramid scheme things XD) and noticed that a lot of the hairstyles i liked or wanted my own hair to look like had the bangs further back. achieving a fuller look.

:o so i pulled out the scissors!


i cut my hair dry, cause i didn't want that blunt a line. i think .. i got what i wanted. everything is falling the way i want it too right now. i'm just hoping that it doesn;t get crazy/weird when i wash and style later on.

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