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okay, let me transfer you

XD oh man, the tribe must just find their employees under rocks in the goddamn dessert ..

oke so i got a call from some silly white girl out at the golf resort at snow mt, she wanted to tell me about a fire. i didn't know wtf she was talking about, but she was really happy/excited about it. so i had her explain it again, slowly. turns out one of the holes (courses? i dunno how they hell they identify these things) like #15 was on fire. she didn't ask for the fire department, or help, she said she was just calling to let me know...

so i asked her, is it a big fire, do you need the fire department? she did not know, she had only heard about the fire, she hadn't really seen it. so then she stopped talking, so i had to tell her to go find out. so she sends some equally happy/excited (i could hear him yipping and screaming like a school girl in the background) white guy from the pro shop to find out. so.. he comes back and says "its a fire".

:O.. didn't we know this from the get go?

yes, so i stopped talking to them, though they did promise to call back with any 'news'.
i told my officer and the chief, cause i really wasn't about to send the fire department all the way out to the resort for a couple of idiots that with nothing better to do then be stupid.

so tibbetts heads out to snow mt, and he tells me to call back and get an update on the fire before calling the fire department.

so this is how my phone call went (kinda):

me: *insert long ass police department intro explaining who i am and who i work for*
resort: this is yoko.
me: i need an update on the fire.
yoko: fire? there is no fire here. let me transfer you.
me: no wait-!
phone line: (is cindy lauper singing girls just wanna have fun with some ad about the resort playing over cindy)
me: damn girls and their fun ..
phone line: (more cindy)
yoko: ... i can't find a fire, let me transfer you.
me: no! let me speak to your supervisor, please.
yoko: oh .. okay, let me transfer you.

so she transferred me to my cousin (:o.. i didn't know she was a supervisor up there)
she wasn't much help at first either though, when i asked her about the fire, she went to go check the kitchen (the kitchen has a automated fire alarm thing that is always going off when the cook burns something - it sends a voice recording to the police department saying "there is a fire" its so stupid too, cause you have to say the word "hello" to it before it tells you the message about the fire, otherwise it just clicks and beeps). so i had to explain all of it to her from the first call.

then she says to me: oh, oke. let me transfer you.

o_O?! what? is that like magic to them?

by the time she got back to me, they pro shop boys had put the fire out.

the end. :'D
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