☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

a while back someone fired our security guards. no official memo was ever put out about this, and no word came from the higher ups about how we should handle any situation were the need would arise that we would need an officer to respond.

so a few weeks ago the situation arised. like 5 freaking times. for stupid shit that even had there been a security guard on duty they couldn't have done anything. so one time i get a call about how someone had shoplifted some packs of cigarettes, 20 minutes ago ... and they wanted an officer to come ASAP and file a report.

now not even dumb ass security guards fills out a report right when something like that happens. if the person commiting the crime has already left the premises it gets done at the end of thier shift or at the end of the week. that's how inconsiquential it is.

so after a week of calling my officer on duty from his post 40-50 miles away for something that could be handled 'at the end of the week' i told the girl that the officer was at lunch (which he was) and that as soon as he came back from his break he would be heading over to our area and that i would send him over then.

she didn't have a problem with that. so i wrote myself a note to tell the officer about it when he came off break. our radios were being shitty that night and i would have had to call him on this cell phone to get ahold of him and i'm only supposed to do that if there is an emergency (technically).

so at the end of my shift he hadn't come back from lunch because he had scheduled his lunch so that it ended at the end of his shift. and i had forgotten about the note.

so a few days later i get a call from the Lt. (XD you already know how much i hate talking to him) and he basicly blamed me for embarassing him in front of some idiot (who could only get a job at the smokeshop because all the local hooker tracks where currently occupied), because no one had told him about the call.

XD so blah, i get a written warning about it.

when my boss asked me to sign it i did without looking and didn't check the box saying wether i agreed or disagreed. so he asked me to check a box. i asked if it mattered what i chose and he said no. so i picked dissagree. XD he seemed a little taken back by this and wanted to know why, so i told him i thought the whole thing was just trivial and petty.

XD now that i've had more time to think about it i have more objections. first the chain of discipline here goes something like; 2 verbal warnings, three written warnings then termination.

i've been here for about 8 years. i've never done anything like this before.in truth i can think of a few other, really serious situations that are similar where other dispatchers were involved and no disciplinary actions were taken. all in all if anything should have come of this. it should have been verbal warning #1.

anyway. something really seriouse happened a few days ago. involving guns and shooting and like adultery and i dunno whatelse XD and no one passed along the information.

*o* and being the bitch troll that i am, the first thing i did when the Lt. came in was let him know.

XD usually i can over look crap like this, but this has really put me in a bad mood.
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