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i <3 wicked.

i read the book back when it came out because we were doing the wizard of oz in theatre. i was the assistant director or something like that, i've forgotten all the old terms and titles. X3 i was really surprised to find out that it had been made into a musical, so i got the soundtrack and loved that too.

i was seriousely trying to think of a way to convince my mom to go see it in NY with me, but it just started touring and i think it's in LA now. i brought up going to LA to see it and my mom said we could probably work that out since it's almost a day trip.

anyway, i downloaded a really bad cam of the play and watched it tonight. now i really want to go see it. XDD

i drew this.

i'm not in a coloring mood, so i posted the image very large and asked people to color it. XD so i'm asking the same thing here.

;3; please color my lineart!


i can make a version without the 'moon' and text if anyone wants that.
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