☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

happy birthday idetachi! <3

we went to see the island today. i was surprised that it was only showing at 4 theatres here (one of them being the drive in, so tech only 3 theatres). i really liked it. it was very logan's run-ish (i think that's the movie i'm thinking of? XD). ewan mcgregor has a cute bottom (so does scarlet johanson - sp?). :')

i fell asleep when i got home, i am really fucking myself when it comes to work by doing that. XD

i don't think it can really be helped with the heat though. :'d my body seems to wanna shut down until the sun is down and it starts to cool off, which isn't until around 4 or 5 am. which means i'm falling asleep around 9pm and waking up at 5am then staying up for most of the morning and mid-day when my work shift is 10pm-8am. :'(((

i was telling my mom my secret about 'how to sleep at work' and she said she was going to start calling me randomly to see if i'm awake. XDD

the thing is, i get crazy random calls all night, so i'm totally used to catching a few zzz's and waking up really quick to answer the phone (or the radio if the cop on duty is a busybody). :'D

anyhoo, i did this when i woke up cause i was bored and didn't want to fall back asleep.

i think tomorrow i'll ink some lineart for some of the manips i've done and resubmit to DA. they can't possibly object to that, right? XDDD if they did, they'd have to pretty much remove the anime/fanart section they have right? since i doubt anyone there who isn't drawing totally original characters has express consent to redraw copyrighted characters. XD
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