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i feel you, you move right through my heart

:D isn't my new icon neat-o?

:O i spent like 5 hours making i think (or it felt that long, i think it's pretty much all i did at work today anyway, besides take security patches off the old security guards uniforms..)

:l speaking of security. if you know me, you know i really really hate those bastards. especially the one that always seems to get the same shift as me. so today the one i don't like comes in to clock out. he tells me "don't worry about the key, i don't got it."
so i'm sitting there like 'wtf?'. the key is a key to one of our old police cars that they started parking in front of the smoke shop to deter criminals. every morning a security guard signs the key out, and parks it in front of the cigar shop. then every night a different security guard drives the car back to the admin parking lot and then comes back to the main station and signs the key back in.
shonda is always getting on dispatches case about how important the keys sign in/out sheet is. cause we have keys to pretty much everything. before the sign in/out sheet people would just come and take keys and like never return them.

*deep breathe* so you're prolly thinking, oh well, the old security guard lost the key big deal, but a week ago this same security guard lost the key, and he called up to me at the main station and tried to blame me for the key being lost. to which i reminded him that i have the sign in/out sheet which clearly said that the key was in security's possession and if he wanted to place blame, he could talk with my superior. which shut him up pretty fast. so tomorrow i'll have to ask shonda if he tried to blame me again or something. >:l i will be so glad when all the security guards are fired and the new service comes in.

i got a used copy of jet set radio future the other day, but i haven't gotten around to playing. so tonight when i got off of work me and sammy took one of our trips to walmart so i could get another xbox control so we could play together, but we never played.

:'D i got the pokemon 4ever dvd, and we watched it. we are such losers!
it was really cute though. i also got that new jaci velasquez CD [unspoken]. what a jesus freak (with a fish) i am becoming in my old age. i've never seen a picture of her before, she's pretty. i love her voice. i found myself thinking (on the drive home) that it's sad that she only sings religious songs, with her awesome voice, but then i thought; it is prolly really good for the world that she sings what she does. it was like a little insight into the divine or something. it just felt right. i wonder if that type of feeling is what nuns and such call the calling or the voice of god maybe?
:') what delusions of grandeur--where god can find the time to gossip about the type of music he likes with you, huh?

i also got chrono cross, final fantasy 7 (the clerk said he loved both these games) and clock tower 3.

i started clock tower 3 cause it looked scary, but it seems pretty stupid so far. the graphics are cool though. it reminds me of the old nintendo Jason game. where you can play a camp counselor, and you have to run all around the crystal lake camp (and forest - where jason liked to pop up and stab you a lot :'D) and like find your friends and try to fight jason, who would pop up at random times and stab you repeatedly with his machete. in clock tower 3 you play this english girl who has to run around this skank town and help ghosts fulfill their unfinished business and outrun/fight this huge guy with a huge hammer. he even has some type of leathery mask on. it also reminds me of resident evil 3, where the stars-nemesis follows jill around crying "staaaaarssss..". the hammer guy runs after you breathing hard and calling out "alyyyyyysaaaa .. i'm coooominggg for youuuuu..".

i tried some chrono cross tonight, i only got to play for like 30 minutes. but it looks like it's going to be cool.

oh yea, i totally stole this neat page enter/exit effect from this girl: yuunie it like pixelates the screen when you enter or exit my journal. i thought it looked really cool, but if it errors up on a bunch of you, let me know, i'll take it out.

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