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why does my heart feel so sad?

i changed my journal 'theme' (if you can even call it that) from orlando to james marsters.
not so much a big change i guess, but i get like 50 more pixels for journal entries now. i dunno who else but me would even notice anything like that. :]

i tried to read some slash fic crap earlier, but i've come to realize (remember?) that i really don't like slash that much, or the people who write it. (:o sorry if you write slash, you are prolly a really good person, or something). or maybe i just don't like slash that doesn't involve buffy characters, maybe i have a slash allergy? i was trying to read some legolas x aragorn slash before cause they keep coming up in a bunch of quizzes.

i am watching kare kano US dvd 1. it is actually pretty all right, they kept the watch anime in a well lit room ect warning with the english subs off too the sides like the fansubs, and the subbs are pretty good. the english voices are kinda tough to get used to at first, but they do eventually grow on you. i still prefer the original japanese, but the english version is nice when going stuff, where you can't keep an eye on the tv.

:O i should start my japanese language studies back up. i feel like i am getting so behind, but who knows.

maybe it's just kare kano, watching it makes me wish i was back in school, surrounded by people i didn't really know, and with all my friends who i thought i knew. at work i see the same people day in and day out. and aside from david and kinda shonda, i don't really wanna know most of the people i work with outside of work.

maybe i should join a gym :'D or really go back to school. or just throw myself down dead in a mall pavilion thing and let people smoosh me under their feet till i am tiny dust particles, then i can fly off unhindered and become one with everything.

:') what a wonderfully lain-ish wish.

:l buffy and angel episodes are off, last week willow went to LA to see angel on angel, then this week on buffy willow got the call to come to LA to see angel. it won't matter next week when willow is back on buffy, but i notice damn it :'D

everything feels so off right now, more so then it has usually. i have a really bad headache. i think its warping my perceptions of reality somehow..

:'D ever blink your eyes or wake up from a nap and feel like the whole world has changed while your eyes were closed? not like some life altering change, just some small thing, like the color of a sign, or the way some song lyrics are written, maybe the beginning of a book. some little thing that no one would really notice, if it really where changed. sometimes i think things like that happen all around, all the time, and somehow only i seem to notice.

maybe i am insane? :D

i have this theory that the world is really just a bunch of layers of perceived realities. and the status co (i dunno if that's how you spell that) is in charge most of the time, but sometimes little things seep through. i think this explains most supernatural things like ghosts or monsters.

i don't really know where i fit-in in this theory. when i think it over, it all becomes romanticized and full of final fantasy like scenarios where i seem to be a mage or summoner maybe .. maybe i play to many video games and spend too much time reading books .. maybe i just don't want to deal with reality. maybe my theory is right though, and one day the underworlds will swallow us all up.

i wonder what people would think of the world then?

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