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las vegas is going through a 'record breaking' heat wave and my mom says "i don't understand why it's so hot in here." speaking about our house which wasn't that hot XD

i forsee a large fight in the future. she refuses to acknowledge that either her or my brother can do simple things like going to pick up dinner or calling an AC repair place to come check the coolant levels (or whatever). in her mind i have to be the one to do everything.

XD usually i could care less, but when it's fucking trivial things like phone calls. then i get kind of pissed off.

my mom's excuse for her not being able to do these things is that she has a job and she's tired from her job.

i have a job. i actually have a job that outranks her job since i make more money then her and work more hours then she does.

XD wow i started writing this last night when i got into work and then went to make candybar dolls with brenna and forgot about it.

long story short, my brother is a bastard who need to get a job and stop being a bastard.

here's my two dolls.

i call her catmoney!
wannabe spike XD
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