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added 5 songs to asfastaswecan. <3

:'d nothing much happeneing with me right now.

i went back to the doctor's for my diabetes since things at work have slowed down and got the regular lectures from the doctor, the nurse and the nurses assistant :D!
there's a new doctor there now though and he was more understanding about my job and gave me 6 months worth of refills on all my sexy pills.

i'm pretty sure i have a slight case of nueropathy in my right foot, but now that i've gotten back teh pills and crap it's getting better. i am super paranoid about my limbs falling asleep now though XDDDD

on the plus side, for the 7 months i was off my meds i seemed to be doing a pretty good job of controlling my sugar since it dropped from around 400-500 to 200-300 without any meds and i lost like 30 pounds.

i have to go back to the doctor next wed. till then i am supposed to be checking my sugar levels 6 times a day :D!

XD i was doing pretty good the first 4 days, but last night i messed up and fell asleep after dinner and missed a testing time, i also missed the time to check before bed (since i never really got up from the nap). i checked when i got up like i was supposed to, but i forgot to check before or after lunch. XDDD
i'm not really getting to check 6 times either, since somedays i only eat 1 meal and to get 6 results i have to check when i get up, before and after lunch and dinner and when i go to bed.

being diabetic seems to be very punctuary .. i suspect i will have many more arguments with doctors and nurses since i don't live a traditional 9 to 5 life which means they can't just spout the same rehearsed speaches/lectures at me about how i am supposed to 'handle' my illness.

also apperantly that girl from That Girl, mary something is my new hero cause she's had childhood diabetes for like 600 years. :)
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