☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

XD jesus!

back when i was young and innocent i got an assload of credit cards. i usually stay pretty current with them, but some of the smaller rinky dink cards with crappy limits get put away after i pay them off and forgotten about. one of them being my household bank card XD

well i got an email from them about address verification or something so i logged in to check my account and found out i had over paid by like 200$

:'d it turns out that this card had been lost when my wallet dissappeared and i had never called to get it replaced, so i called them today today and reported it lost.

i go to check the mail and lo and behold i have a new card from them XDDD

turns out that i had waited so long to report the original card missing that it had expired and they had sent me a new one. and the new one was the one they cancelled.

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