☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

a few weeks ago me and sammy were watching this show on tv about 'creepy destinations' and one of the places mentioned was a town called Rachel in nevada that was close to area 51. me and sammy were joking around that we should go check it out since it was only (according to the narrator) "72 miles outside of las vegas". XD so my mom heard us and said that she had an old friend that lived in Rachel and that we should go check it out (we kind of wanted to see the alien cafe or whatever its called XD) so last wednesday sammy had an early appointment with his neurologist and we got out at like 9am so my mom says we should drive up to Rachel since we didn't have anything planned. :'DDD

about two hours later we found ourselves in armagosa valley (i think that's what it was called). it's about 80 miles outside of las vegas. my mom had been driving since she knew someone in Rachel and swore she had seen the turn off for Rachel near pahrump. turns out we had went in the opposite direction. XDDDD

Rachel, nv is almost directly across area 51 from armagosa. :'DD we stopped in the creepiest alien themed convienence store. it looked like maybe it had been a med sized super market at one time but had been gutted and then converted into a minimart type thing. there were 4 shelves with chips and crap like cat food/ motor oil ect that took up like 1/8 of the entire store XD the rest was completly empty with a counter that ran along all the walls with some soda machines spread very very far apart :'D and! there were alien posters all around the ceiling. most were just crazy stuff like bobmarley with an alien head XD but one was a type of 'thanksgiving' scene with aliens sitting around a nakedguy laying on a table with an apple in his mouth. XDD

we had stopped to buy a map, but we couldn't find any then 'like magic' :'D my mom found a free map on a shelf behind her. XDDD so after that i wanted to leave, cause the AC wasn't working that well in the store and the two good old boys that ran it didn't seem to believe in deoderant :"DD and the entire store was like a battle between the two sets of BO. XDD but my mom insisted that we stay there longer and have the two clerks show us were Rachel was on the map even though i had already found it and pointed out that it was like a 300 mile drive around area 51 to reach Rachel XDDD

the two store guys tried to hint at a secret road or something through the test site, but by then me and sammy were feeling nausious and just wanted to go home :")

it turns out my mom's nose was stuffed up so she was spared the wonderful arouma of the alien store XDDD
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