☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

XD someone wrote " too gay.....but I haven't any problem with that ...." on this image in my DA gallery.

wtf? XD what does that even mean?

:'D it's a picture of two guys jacking each other off (wow i need to draw .. classier things? X'D) what is it supposed to be if not gay? :"DDD???


i have a headache in my left eyeball :D it feels fantastic and i have another hour here cause the Lt. is a bag-of-something and won't let me leave untill 10 even though he's the one that's relieving my shift today and i've already worked like 20 hours of over time for this payperiod ;3;

on a lighter note :D as if there was one with me XD i've been reading all these books about monsters and junk and it's left my very paranoid about sleeping with the lights off :"D so i've been leaving my tv on muted. only i leave it on the cartoon network and the grim adventures of billy and mandy is on like all day and i freaking love that show so i am not getting enough sleep.

that adds to the paranoia :DDD <3

ps - last night i watched miss congeniality 2, cursed the unrated version and hostage

miss congeniality 2 was ok, i expected it to be better though.

i liked cursed unrated better then the ver i saw in the theatres. i think because cursed has that whole scream 'lets have a laugh even though everyone is dying' attitude only there wasn't enough dying in cursed to counter balance the funny, so it just came across as kind of stupid. seeing that girl all .. you know really evened things out :'D XDDD

i bought hostage for my mom, but i had nothing to watch after 4am so i watched it. :'d i'm pretty sure now that if i think i am going to hate a movie it's probably going to be pretty good XD the last 10 or so movies that i saw previews for and decided right off that i wasn;t going to watch/like i actually really liked after i watched them.
those boys should have died a lot sooner so that bruce willis could go after the people that kidnapped his family. the 10 or so minutes they gave that bit of the plot was kind too quick for my blood lust :D
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